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What happens during an eConsult?

Step 1


Step 2

(within 1 week)

Step 3

(usually 2-4 weeks)

Your doctor or nurse practioner sends a message (eConsult) to a specialist about your health concern

The specialist reviews the eConsult and responds to your doctor or nurse practitioner with advice or recommends an appointment

Your doctor or nurse practitioner uses the specialist advice and provides care to you


Your doctor or nurse practitioner refers you to the appropriate specialist

How does eConsult benefit me?

FAST: on average, specialists respond to questions in only 2 days

EFFICIENT: in about 2/3 of eConsults, the provider gets all the advice they need to treat you themselves

SAFE: privacy experts have ensured it meets all of the standards applied to regular communication between healthcare providers

What do patients think of eConsult?

Agreed that eConsult is an acceptable way to access specialist care


Thought the service was useful in their case


Would ask their provider to use eConsult on their behalf in the future

"I live in a more remote location [...] A lot of the specialists probably aren't going to be here, so [eConsult can] save me a trip to Ottawa."

Reference: Joschko, J., Liddy, C., Moroz, I., Reiche, M., Crowe, L., Afkham, A., & Keely, E. (2017). Just a click away: exploring patients' perspectives on receiving care through the Champlain BASE™ eConsult service. Family Practice, 1-6. 

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