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Learn more about how the eConsult service impacts specific populations with our collection of infographics

eConsult and Cardiology

eConsult and Chronic Pain

eConsult and Dermatology

eConsult and Endocrinology

eConsult and Genetics

eConsult and Geriatric Medicine

eConsult and Hematology

eConsult and HIV

eConsult and Infectious Disease

eConsult and Nephrology

eConsult and Neurology

eConsult and Obstetrics/Gynecology

eConsult and Optometry

eConsult and Orthopedics

eConsult and Otolaryngology

eConsult and Pediatric Hematology

eConsult and Pediatric Medicine

eConsult and Psychiatry

eConsult and Rheumatology

eConsult and Thrombosis

eConsult and Urology

eConsults for Gynaecologic Cancer Screening

eConsult in Long-Term Care Homes

eConsult Services: A Worldwide Environmental Scan

Impact of Spreading eConsult to Four Canadian Provinces

Improving Access to Specialist Care for an Aging Population

Integrating eConsult into a Primary Care Clinic's Workflow

In Their Own Words - Patient, PCP, and Specialist Perspectives

Patient Perspectives on Chronic Pain Clinic Wait Times

Patient Perspectives on eConsult

PCP Adherence to Specialist Advice in eConsult

Quadruple Aim

Specialist Perspectives on eConsult

Ten Steps to Establishing eConsult

The Feasibility of Using Electronic Consultation in Long-Term Care Homes

Virtual Care During COVID-19: Four Barriers Preventing Older Adults from Adopting Digital Technologies for Seeking and Exchanging Health Information

Cost Savings with eConsult

Sustainability of the eConsult Service

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