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About Champlain eConsult BASE™

About Champain BASE

Champlain eConsult BASE™
(Building Access to Specialists through eConsultation)

The Champlain eConsult BASE™ Service is a secure online platform that provides timely access to specialist advice by connecting primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists through asynchronous electronic consultations. The service offers patients more efficient, integrated, and coordinated care and seeks to facilitate smoother workflows and collaboration between clinicians. This clinician-led service supports ongoing quality improvement through continuous service evaluation and data analysis and continues to expand the scope of services and regional access.

Today, the Champlain eConsult BASE™ service serves the Champlain region through eConsult services as a part of the Ontario eConsult Program. Our eConsult service developed out of early collaboration with the Champlain LHIN, Winchester District Memorial Hospital, the Bruyère Research Institute, and The Ottawa Hospital, who all have and continue to provide essential support to infrastructure, service and evaluation. 

How the service works

The PCP submits a question via a web-based portal, requiring minimal demographic information (specialist type, confirmation of patient consent, date of birth, and gender) and any additional information they may wish to attach (e.g., test results, images, EMR-generated letter). Next, the case is assigned by a Champlain LHIN Regional eConsult Specialist to a specialist physician based on availability. The specialist receives an email notification prompting them to access the case via a secure site. They are expected to provide an answer within one week, although the average response time is two days. They can reply to the question, request additional information or recommend a referral, as well as advise the PCP on other matters such as medication changes, additional tests or other critical actions to be completed before the referral visit. The PCP can then choose to ask for or submit additional information, and the dialogue can continue, or the PCP can close the case and upload the information into their EMR or patient chart.

Benefits of eConsult

Limitations in Access to Specialist Care

Limited access to specialist care remains a major barrier to health care in Canada. 

  • Long wait times before specialist advice is received/implemented

  • Discovering during the visit that preliminary tests should have been ordered, requiring a second visit

  • Discovering during the visit that patient issues are better suited to a different type of specialist

  • Delayed communication

  • Logistical challenges and expenses for the patients

The role of eConsult

The Champlain eConsult BASE Service helps patients and clinicians navigate potential barriers by providing faster access to specialist care, avoiding unnecessary in-person specialist visits, and facilitating faster, smoother communication between primary care providers and specialists.

BENEFITS FOR PATIENTS include faster and more equitable access to specialist care in over 150 specialties.

BENEFITS FOR SPECIALISTS include the facilitation of improved communication between Primary Care and Specialists.

BENEFITS FOR PRIMARY CARE PROVIDERS include the provision of opportunities for continuing medical education and the capacity to request or complete additional testing or courses for treatment prior to any face-to-face specialist visits.

Benefits of eConsult


Patient Testimonials
  • “I hate having to ask my son to take time off work for appointments and this eConsult saved me a visit. I think what you are doing with this service is very good for patients like me.”

Specialist Testimonials
  • “Strongly support this. The more consults that flow through this mechanism, the better.”

  • “This allows provision of timely and efficient care. The program should be markedly expanded.”

  • “This is a real winner. It should be tied into a provincial, comprehensive electronic health record.”

  • “It is the right thing to do for our patients.”

Primary Care Provider Testimonials
  • “Very thorough and exceptionally clear response, will guide my management of all diabetic patients with renal disease.”

  • “This is what an eConsult service should be – to help reduce health care services load by providing simple and sound advice.”

  • “Great service. Especially helpful with things that I think are not a problem but I'm not absolutely sure. Saves the patient and the system wasted time and money.”

  • “The eConsult process greatly increases my enjoyment of clinical practice as I am able to get immediate answers to questions and improve my knowledge daily.”

2022 Metrics

Champlain eConsult BASE™ Metrics from 2022


Number of eConsults Completed


The median response time, in days, from the moment the eConsult is sent to the time the first specialist response is given


The number of BASE managed specialty groups available for providing advice to primary care providers

14,270 74%

The number of eConsult cases completed without the patient requiring a face-to-face specialist visit

2022's Top 5 Specialty Groups

by # of cases

Impact of eConsult on Primary Care Provider Course of Action

by % of 2022 cases






3226, 17%

1277, 7%

1209, 6%

1186, 6%

1120, 6%

National Spread + Scale

National Spread and Scale of eConsultation




  • Uses eConsult BASE™ platform

  • Direct replication

  • Launched Fall 2017


  • Access to Champlain eConsult BASE™ specialists for remote PCPs


  • eConsult BASE™ model on Quebec platform

  • Launched July 2017

Newfoundland & Labrador

  • eConsult BASE™ on Orion Health platform

  • Provincial focus

  • Launched in Spring 2018

New Brunswick  

  • eConsult BASE™ on Orion Health platform

  • Launched Spring 2018


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