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Ontario eConsult Program

The Ontario eConsult Program offers access to secure online tools that provide timely access to specialist advice by connecting primary care providers and specialists through electronic consultations.

  • Serves the Champlain region

  • Hosted on the Winchester District Memorial's web-based platform

  • More than 150 eConsult BASE™ managed specialty groups with local specialists

  • Case assignments through a Champlain LHIN Regional eConsult Specialist based on availability 

  • Hosted on the OTNhub web-based platform

  • Available province wide

  • More than 120 eConsult BASE™ managed specialties

  • Offers two models of care: [1] Ontario Telemedicine Network's (OTN) Direct to Specialist model where eConsult Senders can send cases directly to a specialist, and [2] eConsult BASE™ where cases are sent to a speciality group and assigned to a specialist

  • Ontario eConsult can be accessed through the OTNhub directly, sent directly from your EMR using the Ocean to OTNhub integration, or directly through select EMRs (Telus PS Suite, Oscar, Accuro)

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