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Specialist Physicians


  • “Strongly support this. The more consults that flow through this mechanism, the better.”

  • “This allows provision of timely and efficient care. The program should be markedly expanded.”

  • “This is a real winner. It should be tied into a provincial, comprehensive electronic health record.”

  • “It is the right thing to do for our patients.”


Primary Care Providers


  • “Many thanks to endocrinology – for this elderly frail patient I appreciated not having to wait for her to see an endocrinologist. Very clear guidance.”

  • “Very thorough and exceptionally clear response, will guide my management of all diabetic patients with renal disease.”

  • “A referral is still needed, but we are not worried about long delay for getting referral, and now that we know it is not serious, we will not keep worrying and phoning specialist.”

  • “This is what an eConsult service should be – to help reduce health care services load by providing simple and sound advice.”

  • “Great service. Especially helpful with things that I think are not a problem but I'm not absolutely sure. Saves the patient and the system wasted time and money.”

  • “The eConsult process greatly increases my enjoyment of clinical practice as I am able to get immediate answers to questions and improve my knowledge daily.”




  • “I hate having to ask my son to take time off work for appointments and this eConsult saved me a visit. I think what you are doing with this service is very good for patients like me.”


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