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How it works

The PCP submits a question via a web-based portal, requiring minimal demographic information (specialist type, confirmation of patient consent, date of birth, and gender) and any additional information they may wish to attach (e.g., test results, images, EMR-generated letter). Next, the Champlain LHIN eConsult Regional eConsult Specialist assigns the case to a specialist physician based on availability. The specialist receives an email notification prompting them to access the case via a secure site. They are expected to provide an answer within one week, although the average response time is two days. They can reply to the question, request additional information or recommend a referral, as well as advise the PCP on other matters such as medication changes, additional tests or other critical actions to be completed before the referral visit.

The PCP can then choose to ask for or submit additional information, and the dialogue can continue, or the PCP can close the case and upload the information into their EMR or patient chart.

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