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For health care providers

Q: What liability issues are associated with eConsult?


A: The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) holds eConsults to the same rules as other forms of consultation, including the traditional referral model and more informal "hallway consultations," in which providers discuss a patient's care outside of the clinic setting. The CMPA considered the eConsult service to be a safe and reasonable way to provide care.


Q: How are providers paid?


A: Specialists receive compensation for completing eConsults at a rate of $200 per hour prorated to the amount of time it takes them to complete an eConsult case. Exceptions include non-physician specialists, who are compensated at a different rate, and salaried specialists, who complete eConsult as part of their clinic duties. Primary care providers are not compensated for completing eConsults, as they do not receive compensation when completing traditional referrals.


Q: How do I join the service?


A: All primary care providers in the Champlain Local Health Integration Network are welcome to join the eConsult service, and can do so by contacting our team. The eConsult service is currently exploring expansion to additional provinces/territories. If you'd like to know if your jurisdiction is included, please feel free to contact us


Q: What are the requirements for images sent via eConsult?

A: For detailed instructions, pleas consult our Dermatology eConsult Image Requirements document.


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